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Twila is available for one on one consultations as well as large group presentations. Topics range from:

- Nail Care Services
- Nail diseases and disorders
- Manicures and pedicures
- Reiki Therapy
- Reflexology
- Eating to live not living to eat
- Paralyzed Veterans of America,
- Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina Pageant
- Kidney Foundation
- Life as Veteran
- Desert Shield Desert Storm
- Military life as a female
- Military sexual Trama
- Post Tramic Stress Disorder
- Living life with a spinal cord injury/quadriplegic
- Sharing excerpts from the Empowerment Handbook for Today's Woman "Don't Tell Me I Can't "

To schedule Twila for a speaking engagements,
call: 704-502-1364 or email:Twilaa7@aol.com
Holistic NailCare Services (HNCS)