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                                   Twila Adams 
Providing Mobile Nail Care services since 1991
Licensed Onyxologist and Instructor since 1993
Certified Reiki Practitioner since 2005
As a child I enjoyed learning about finger nails and toe nails. The interest continued through two years of college and eleven years  in the US Army. By 1991 I returned from the U.S. Army.

I ran into a good friend from high school who asked if I would tke care of her nails again.  Shortly thereafter I enrolled and completed Manicuring school, passing state exams. Later completing all required training and state exams to become a  Licensed Manicuring  Teacher. 

Along my journey, in 1994 I broke my neck in an auto accident. Paralyzed only able to only move my mouth and eyes. But that has not stopped me from living. As the owner of Holistic Nail Care Services I still enjoy providing nail care for those who I believe so often go unserved.

Holistic NailCare Services (HNCS).